Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

This is by far the most popular question when it comes to diamonds created in a lab, and the simple answer is: Yes, they definitely are!

In this guide, we’ll take you through common questions about lab grown diamonds in order to help you better understand your diamond shopping options and make an informed choice.

Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

To better understand lab grown diamonds, it’s important to first understand their counterpart: natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed within the earth where they are subject to intense pressure over hundreds of years. These ideal conditions transform position carbon atoms into a special lattice structure and turn what can be thought of as “raw” carbon material (carbon) into a special structure that we’ve come to know as diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds, as the name implies, are created in a laboratory setting that mimics the conditions and natural process that earth made diamonds undergo. Carbon “seeds” are subjected to intense pressure under controlled conditions and the resulting product are diamonds. Like their natural counterparts, lab grown diamonds come in many different colours and are cut to a shape that best showcases the unique characteristics of each diamond

Popular Questions about Lab Grown Diamonds

Where can I buy a lab-grown diamond

With their increasing popularity, lab-grown diamonds are no longer a niche product carried to by a specialty store.  Lab-grown diamonds are now widely available at the major online diamond stores in the industry.  Here’s some quick links:

Remember to check out our list of recommended online retailers for the best shopping experience.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

THEY MOST DEFINITELY ARE!  Whether formed in the earth or in a lab, the result is identical. The diamond produced via either process is the same from an anatomical point of view which is why lab-grown diamonds share the physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Likewise, they have the same visual and optical characteristics and showcase the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle as natural diamonds

Do lab-grown diamonds come in fancy colors?

Yes, they come in the same fancy colours as natural diamonds.  Because lab-grown diamonds are identical from a physical and optical perspective, they are cut into the same diamond cut shapes (i.e. round, princess, cushion, etc..) that natural diamonds are available in.

Why are lab grown diamonds cheaper?

Lab-grown diamonds have less overhead associated with their creation which makes their pricepoint much more favorable (typically about 30% more affordable than natural diamonds).  Diamonds created in a controlled laboratory environment forego the labor and resource-intensive process of mining so that saving is passed on to consumers.

Should I buy a lab grown diamond or a natural diamond?

This is really personal preference (taste) and a matter of budget.  A helpful way of looking at it is that Natural diamonds are classic. Lab grown diamonds are modern.