Quick Peak at James Allen and Blue Nile

For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  That being said, if you’re planning to pop the big question or buy your loved one a special diamond gift, you may be wondering where to shop.

Two of the most popular online diamond retailers are James Allen (https://www.jamesallen.com) and Blue Nile (https://www.bluenile.com). We’ve reviewed both these retailers in the past and while both offer a wide selection of diamonds at competitive prices, there ARE key differences to consider when deciding which one to purchase from.  We’ll give you a quick recap of those differences here, but definitely check out the full head-to-head comparison in our James Allen vs. Blue Nile article.

James Allen in a Nutshell

First, let’s take a look at James Allen. This retailer offers a unique feature that allows customers to view diamonds in high-definition with 360-degree videos. This allows customers to see the diamond from all angles. This is particularly helpful when trying to evaluate the diamond’s overall appearance, presence of inclusions and the position of inclusions. James Allen also offers a wide selection of diamond engagement rings which can be customised with a variety of setting options.

Blue Nile in a Nutshell

On the other hand, Blue Nile offers a wider selection of certified diamonds, including those certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). Diamonds with these certifications guarantee that the stone has been evaluated by a respected third party and that its quality is as advertised. Blue Nile also offers a variety of diamond shapes, including fancy cuts like pear, oval, and marquise.  In addition, their selection of jewellery offers nice gift ideas for the years that follow your upcoming purchase.

Return Policy

It’s always good to be reassured that your diamond purchase is going to be one that you’re happy with.  And if not, the return policy has got you covered.  James Allen offers a 30-day return policy, while Blue Nile offers a 60-day return policy. While this means that customers have more time to evaluate their diamond purchase with Blue Nile, it’s always good practice to do as much of the evaluation online as possible during the shopping phase before you place your order. 

Final Thoughts

As a summary, both James Allen and Blue Nile are great options for buying a diamond online, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Having spent countless hours on both websites, our take is that James Allen has a more user-friendly interface and more detailed diamond information, while Blue Nile’s website is a little more overwhelming. Websites aside, if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience and customizable engagement rings, James Allen is the way to go. If you’re looking for a wider selection of certified diamonds and fancy cuts, Blue Nile is the better choice.

Make sure to do your research and compare both websites to find the perfect diamond for your Valentine.