Everyone needs a little advice time and again!  Buying an engagement ring doesn’t come with a engagement guide so we here at The Diamond Advisor have done our best to give you advice that outlines the major aspects of buying a diamond ring for the special someone.  Be sure to check out our articles for more knowledge on each of the aspects.

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  1. Set a price range / budget
  2. Figure out what type of ring she wants
  3. Start shopping for a loose diamond
  4. Decide where to buy from
  5. Figure out her ring size
  6. Select a ring and setting
  7. Decide on the extras


Set A Price Range or Budget

With so many different options when it comes to diamonds, its easy to go overboard.  Before starting your search, figure out a reasonable budget for your engagement ring cost – taking into account the cost for the diamond and the setting (ring) itself.  As you become more knowledgeable in the shopping process, refine you budget and stick within it when shopping around.

Figure out what type of ring she wants

It shouldn’t be any surprise but women often say one thing but mean another!  If she’s dropped a few hints here and there, you’re in luck – just make sure they’re aligned with what you think she really wants.  Keep in mind that your knowledge of gemstones will greatly outweigh hers soon so her subtle hints of diamond ‘size’ and diamond ‘color’ may leave a lot to interpretation.  Try to figure out what type of rock and ring she’s expecting.  Personality will say a lot about what to get her.  If she’s very outgoing, something bigger might be right to draw the attention she’s used to.  If she’s shy and introverted, maybe something smaller.

Start Shopping For a Loose diamond.

Always buy a loose diamond to get the most value for your money.  Loose diamonds allow you to see the natural beauty and character of a diamond before it is integrated into a ring setting.  Remember that the setting will only work to enhance what you start with.  Start by understanding the basics and the options and choices you have at hand.

Decide where to buy from

Generally there are 3 avenues when it comes to diamond buying: (1) Online, (2) Chain Retailers or (3) Retail Wholesalers.  Each of the three allow you to purchase that special something, just via a different means.  Online chain retails often offer the best price; chain retailers offer the distinction of specialty cuts with the prestigious of their brand, and retail wholesales great prices and a more personalized purchase.

Figure out her ring size

Most guys needlessly lose a lot of sleep over this one.  If you’ve have been shopping with her and she’s tried something on, commit the size to memory.  If you have to guess, don’t worry, jewelers can adjust the size of a ring easily.  For those who want to get it right the first time around, try string around the finger while she’s sleeping and then match it to a ring size chart 😉

Figure out the setting

This is a personal choice.  Regardless of which avenue you choose to purchase from, each will offer a huge array of choice and options.  Custom settings are a common option as well.  Seen something exquisite in a magazine?  Most jewelers can accurately create it.  From there, you’ll just need to figure out the setting and that type of material you’d like.  The usual options are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

Decide on the diamond extras

Certification, value appraisal and laser etching are all extras that can be had and help bring piece of mind with your new purchase.  Note that each there is generally an associated cost for each – something to take into mind while budgetting.


Because you’re shopping for that perfect ring to complement her for a lifetime, remember to take your time in the process!  Good Luck and Happy Shopping!


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