Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

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Selecting an ideal cut diamond is knowledgeable and rewarding.  However, selecting a super ideal cut diamond such as Brian Gavin’s Signature Hearts and Arrows is smarter.  BGD’s signature H&A line showcases unparalleled brilliance and sparkle and is backed by 5 generations of master diamond cutters. This is just one of the reasons why BGD is a recommended retailer.  In this featured Brian Gavin diamonds review, we’ll share other reasons why Brian Gavin Diamonds stands above the competition and is a favorite of ours.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds (BGD) is synonymous with the highest standard of quality and strictness when it comes to offering only the best diamonds.  It should come as no surprise that Brian Gavin, the name behind Brian Gavin Diamonds, is a 5th generation diamond cutter originally from South Africa.

With 5 generations of cutting history, “Brian the Cutter” is well known within the diamond industry circles.  Brian is perhaps best known for establishing a quality benchmark and grading system for hearts and arrows diamonds.  This benchmark is renowned for strictness and is in use by appraisers and laboratories worldwide.

History Behind Brian Gavin Diamonds:

For those of you just starting your diamond search, Brian Gavin Diamonds may be a new name to you but should certain be a retailer on your shortlist of diamond vendors.  Whiteflash, on the other hand, is most likely a retailer you are already well familiar with. Whiteflash produces exceptional diamonds with their A CUT ABOVE® branded line.  In order to better appreciate the likewise exceptional diamonds coming from BGD, it’s important to know that Brian Gavin was a co-founder of Whiteflash.

In 1997, Brian Gavin designed a brand of Super Ideal cut diamonds that set the benchmark as the world’s most optically balanced diamonds.  These diamonds, fittingly, were branded A CUT ABOVE® and displayed a true hearts and arrows patterning.  The H&A patterning is the phenomena resulting from PERFECT optical symmetry within a stone.  In 1999, A CUT ABOVE® diamonds became the first Hearts and Arrows branded diamond to be sold exclusively on the internet.

Almost a decade after the launch of A CUT ABOVE®, Brian Gavin started his own company and began selling his Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds which are cut to similarly strict standards.  These standards are quickly becoming the new benchmark for companies manufacturing super ideal cut top performing diamonds and ultimately produce truly desirable diamonds.

Diamond Advisor Recommended

In the past, we have recommended the Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond to many of our readers and friends who want to skip all the diamond research and just buy the absolute best visually performing diamond.  Although the signature line commands a modest premium, the feedback we get is always the same – an absolutely brilliant diamond that outperforms other “similar” ideal cut diamonds.   It’s for this reason above all others that we continue to recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Crisp hearts and arrows pattern Here’s an example of the great hearts and arrows pattern that are typically seen with Brian Gavin’s Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds.  Take note of the following:

  • Hearts are well shaped, symmetrical and identical
  • Hearts are crisp with no cleft in the hearts
  • Consistent separation between the tip of the hearts and the V’s
Check out the other images: AGS 1.173 Carat, I color, SI1

Why we recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds:

Here are the other reasons why we recommend purchasing a diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds:

  • Amazing customer service – fast responses often directly with Brian or Lesley Gavin.  There are many glowing reviews that rave about BGD and the extra mile they go to ensure your diamond experience is perfect.
  • High quality diamonds, of exceptional cut quality and visual performance, at prices that are considerably lower than traditional brick and mortar stores.  Although, to be honest, traditional jewelry store stones cannot stack up against the performance of a BGD stone.
  • Real diamond pictures including diamond photo, hearts and arrows image, Sarin report, ASET image, and IdealScope image.  All of these real diamond images are absolutely instrumental in finding the right diamond.  Real images are vital in narrow down your search to only diamonds that perform well visually and are eye clean.
  • BGD is exceptionally strict in terms of what can be considered hearts and arrows.  They are either crisp true hearts and arrows or they are not considered H&A.  Recall Brian is an authority when it comes to H&A standards in the industry.
  • Brian Gavin Signature Blue.   While other retailers shy away from fluorescence, BGD has launched a signature line that highlights those crisp cool white diamonds.  A great marketing move in our opinion
  • Custom jewelry design.  For those with something truly unique in mind, BGD will custom design your jewelry piece.  This process includes CAD design, to wax model to finished piece with creative feedback at each step.
  • Diamonds custom designed and cut for you.  It doesn’t get any more impressive than a rough diamond custom cut for you.  Should you use this service, definitely share your experience and feedback with us!
  • Lifetime upgrade policy.  The original purchase price (less shipping) is applied towards your upgrade and with only the difference to be paid.  See the BGD FAQ section for details.
  • Referral program.  At some point, you will no doubt share your diamond buying experience with others and a referral bonus is always a nice little thank you.  See the BGD FAQ section for details.

Other facts:

  • All Brian Gavin brand diamonds are graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and are laser inscribed on the girdle edge with the Brian Gavin logo and the number from the corresponding diamond grading report.  Lab reports are available online.
  • BGD does not drop ship diamonds or jewelry.  If a diamond is not physically in house, BGD will have it shipped in to their premises. Diamond are then carefully inspected by Brian Gavin and you will be provided with a diamond picture, a Sarin Report, an ASET image and an idealscope image.
  • Brian Gavin is intricately involved with the production of diamonds for his inventory and adheres to a strict selection process when choosing diamonds for his brand and inventory.


  1. Re-cutting a diamond always carries with it risk due to potential damage to the stone and also because it’s not possible to precisely say what will happen to the color. The impact the re-cut would have on the stone can only be answered by a cutter who’s seen the diamond- and even then they can only guess. What are you looking to get out of re-cutting the diamond? In terms of cost, something to keep in mind is that stones that have been cut, very rarely yield any profit by re-cutting.

  2. What are the chances of pushing this light yellow diamond into theFancy category if recut? What is the cost of the eventual recut?
    GIA : 2141890891
    Thank you

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