Fancy Black Diamonds, known as ‘Carbonado Diamonds’ (Carbonado means “carbonized” or “burned” in Portuguese), are a form of rare and natural fancy colored diamonds which have recently become fashionable.

Natural Colored diamonds account for only a fraction of all diamonds mined, making them very rare with black diamonds being the rarest of all.

White Topaz Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black diamonds are natural diamonds found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The natural color of these unique black gemstone range from black to dark gray and are a distinguising characteristic associated to the porous nature of the gemstone, when compared to traditional diamonds. Black Diamonds themselves are not truly black but rather obtain their distinctive color from the small inclusions found within the pores of the diamond.


Black diamonds are not found in the traditional diamond mines and thus their origin is highly debated. Popular theories on the origin ranging from black diamonds predating the formation of the solar system and deposited on earth as extraterrestrial fragments to ‘shock metamorphism’ caused by a meteoric impact on the planet’s surface. Regardless of their origin, black diamond jewelry is unique as it’s debated origins


Black Diamonds are not new to the jewelry market. Due to their nature, they are typically of lesser value than other fancy colored loose diamonds. Their composition and greyish color can sometimes yield a less than attractive diamond. A recent increase in marketing and promotion has caused black diamonds to rise in popularity. Their demand as part of unique diamond rings and jewelry pieces have been inflated along with their asking prices.

While loose black diamonds can create an interesting and memoriable ring or jewelry, consider purchasing smaller black diamond pieces to get the most for you money as demand will drop and prices will return to their historial values. Alternatively, other more traditional colored diamonds can offer a unique and timeless piece.

Black Diamond Studs

Unique Ideas with Black Diamonds

• Black diamond studs

• Black diamond engagement ring

• Black diamond eternity wedding band

Famous Diamonds

The Amsterdam Diamond is a black diamond weighing 33.74 carats (6.75 g), and has 145 facets. It is in a pear shape, and cut from a 55.85 carats (11.17 g) rough. It was sold in 2001 for $US352,000, the highest price paid for a black diamond at auction.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Black diamonds do have a clarity grade but it is different than the grading used for normal diamonds. The grading for black diamonds is AAA, AA+, AA, A, and I1 (AAA is the best). If you’re looking for a black diamond, remember to look for a few things – smooth surface, evenly distributed color and a glossy surface.

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